Vocational Rehabilitation

It is normal for all children to be inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive at times, but when these behaviours are more severe and occur more often they may have an adverse effect on a child's development and scholastic progress as the child is unable to concentrate long enough on a specific task to master it. This may also affect the child's sense of achievement and the development of the child's self-esteem.

Therapy is aimed at identifying possible causes to the child's concentration difficulties and resolving the cause as well as any associated problems e.g. developmental or scholastic delays that developed due the concentration deficit.


Occupational Therapy is a branch of medicine that helps individuals optimize their performances in meaningful activities that occupy their time. For children, this would comprise school, play, and social interaction with friends. Children with learning problems have difficulties in each of these areas and an occupational therapist helps improve sensory processing skills (understanding, registering and responding to sensory information), fine motor skills (required for writing), attention (by improving sitting tolerance), and social behaviour (interacting with peers).

Occupational therapists work on rewiring the brain to enhance such behaviour. This is achieved through meaningful activities that are motivating and fun to children, helping them practice a skill and retain it.

For example, an OT session could include sensory based play using swings, monkey bars and obstacle courses, fine motor activities through board games and adaptive aides like the iPad to enhance time management and visual attention. Study methods and application for concession could be included in the child's therapy program to support their academic achievement and make structured tests and examination less stressful. In some instances alternative school placement may be recommended to ensure optimal skills development.

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